Right Now Expand Your Personal Brand Book and Workbook Are On Sale!

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Are you putting maximum effort and attention into your career but are getting minimal return? Are you frustrated, emotionally exhausted feeling that you are spinning your wheels on the verge of quitting? Well, I have some things that can help you with that.


Right now, for a limited time, I am putting both my Expand Your Personal Brand book and workbook on sale for $1.99 in both my store and Amazon. I am doing this because I have right where you are. It has taken me 10 years to free myself from this and I want to kill the learning curve for you. Buy it now: www.carlarjenkins.com/expandyourpersonalbrand.

I want better for you and your career. I don’t want you to take the same 10 years to free myself from this; so I am killing the learning curve for you. Below are both the Amazon and store links!

Expand Your Personal Brand book $1.99 cents store  Amazon

Expand Your Personal Brand workbook $1.99 cents store Amazon

Expand Your Personal Brand bundle (book + workbook) $2.99 store

I only ask for one thing: write me a positive review.

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