Salute to the Strongsville Staples Store for My Black Gel Pen and Notebook Haul!

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Hey everyone! As you know, I am a content creator and have been running for over 3 ½ years! It is even an Alexa Internet Majestic Million website. What you don’t know is that everything that you see is because of Staples black gel pens and composition notebooks.

I use these gel pens to write everything, and I mean, everything, on this, all of my social media, ITIL 4 videos, I mean everything. So running out of ink is NOT an option.

Today I have traveled to the Strongsville Staples Center store to buy a new 12-pack because I am down to my last one. Bernie (Bernadette) at the W.117th street told me last night that the Strongsville store is the closest one carrying them. The other store is in Elyria and that’s in another county (Which is a no.).


As a diehard East Sider from Cleveland, I have never traveled to Strongsville. However, I board the 51 up W. 25th which eventually becomes Pearl Road. I get there and at first I don’t see it. I then go to the customer service desk where the lady searches and finds them in the clearance section.

This is the best news ever because instead of paying $10.99 online, I only pay $2.00 per pack! I load up on 3 of them (that’s 36 black gel pens) plus 2 composition notebooks at 50 cents apiece! While waiting for the bus, I snap a photo of my haul on the bus shelter bench plastering it all across social media especially in my stories (which Staples gives me a shout out!). I hop back on the 51 happy as a clam knowing that I have completely scored! 5 items under $8.00 ($7.56 to be precise!).


I am telling you this to give you a peek behind the rainbow at the inner workings of This is my content creation process. These gel pens have created some of my best content, taken notes that have gotten me awards, scholarships and certifications.

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      Thanks for reading and commenting. I want to give readers a peek behind the rainbow to use which tools I use to make the magic happen.