SC-400 Microsoft Cloud Security Week Day 1 Recap

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Today is day 1 of the Microsoft Cloud Security Week for Partners. I em enrolled in the SC-400 Information Protection Administrator exam prep course for these reasons:

  • I have been studying SC-400 because it’s on my 2022 certification list
  • I want to become an Information Protection Administrator
  • It’s closely aligned with cybersecurity and pattern analysis

This day is a basic overview. This time unlike December’s certification week, this one has labs so I will be tinkering around with those. I am happy about the labs because I have E3 Microsoft subscription so I do get to do some of the info security work but of course I would have to pay foe the E5 subscription to get entitlement management and the other premium features. I will be running through these labs. Finally, I am doing something SC-400 related this regarding another company so keep an eye out for this.


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