SC-400 Microsoft Cloud Security Week Day 2 Recap

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Here’s my day 2 SC-400 Information Protection Administrator Microsoft Cloud Security Week Day 2 recap. I am very happy that this Tuesday I am making great time arriving as well as ensuring that I register for all of the labs and homework help.


Today Microsoft has provided us with the SC-400 study guide. It contains some Microsoft Learn modules. I am going through these because oftentimes, these modules have concepts that reinforce and/or clarify what the main SC-400 concepts are. Passing the SC-400 exam is one step. The bigger goal is becoming an information protection administrator. This means being capable of information security. And this capability means that I need to master the topic and not just the test which has always been my philosophy.

Regarding today’s training, the instructor has covered data loss prevention (DLP) policies. This is important for information security because you want to ensure that the wrong people don’t get the right information. DLP is also part of the cyber disaster recovery process. If you’re pursuing SC-400 then brush up on both DLP and disaster recovery.


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