SC-400 Microsoft Cloud Security Week Day 3 Recap

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I started off this Wednesday morning with SC-400. This is the second day that the instructor dedicated the final 45 minutes towards lab. Personally I think that him doing a lab and/or an example in class first would allow us to answer any questions that we may have about the training.

However, today he has covered the premium services (i.e. entitlement management) that requires an E5 subscription (FYI – I have a Microsoft 365 E3 subscription). A lot of features and things that are on the SC-400 exam requires an E5 subscription. What I will say is that the labs allow us to use the E5 subscription and complete all of these assignment.

I am looking to get into doing more SC-400 labs since my schedule will calm down for the remainder of this. I will keep everyone posted.


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