Second Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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Okay everyone. I could not make the second session because I had an important cloud interview. This blog has always been about transparency. I know this so I completed my GCP Cloud Digital Leader learning path to keep my GCP skills up.

I have also started looking at the assigned work (we have a shared Google Drive folder) because my goal is to finish all of the work ahead of schedule. However, after finishing the Cloud Digital Leader (GCP’s fundamental exam which is lower than the Associate Cloud Engineer that is in the Jumpstart program), I have decided that maybe I need to sit for another Google Cloud program that gives me the Associate Cloud Engineer discount and pass the exam versus waiting all the way until the end of March to pass my exam.


Think about it: I would have passed my GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification this February so why let my knowledge languish until late March/early April? Shell out the money, get the Associate Cloud Engineer certification and be about my business (Personally, I am thinking about going for the GCP Machine Learning Engineer).

My goal in between now and February 15, 2022 is to pass the GCP Cloud Digital Leader and complete the two GCP Jumpstart assigned Associate Cloud Engineer modules. These modules do have labs so I will gain experience from doing them.


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