Seventeenth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Met The Mentor + Mentee Tips

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Today I have finally met my mentor. She works for an IT tech distributor (pretty cool because I have not heard of that type of company before!). We’ve spoken about Google Cloud Platform (GCP) (the company also has an AWS and Azure practice). I may need a GCP cert depending upon which job I apply to with the company. This aligns with my passing my GCP Cloud Digital Leader and Associate Cloud Engineers this year.

Another thing that I have learned during my first mentor meeting is about reselling. Yes, I have been an eBay reseller (check the archives for it) but no one has talked about being a tech reseller. Maybe that is a job that I should consider.


I’ve mentioned my becoming a Microsoft cybersecurity architect expert this month which is a big achievement (and I will keep talking about it whether or not the job is Azure-related!). She says that I should review whether or not I want to stay on the consulting side or the reseller side where I will do actual cloud deployment. That’s a great idea because I am a hybrid and like doing both. Right now I like being current so I may opt for the reselling part because I want to be up on the latest and greatest technology.

Mentee Tip – continue developing yourself. Mentoring is a partnership. You must continually bring something to the table. My Microsoft cybersecurity architect expert is something productive. Your mentor wants to know that you’re actively apply what they’ve been teaching you and/or that you’re making moves for yourself.

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