Sixteenth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Taking Time Away

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I am back with an all-new GCP installment. When I’ve left off I was in the mentoring program and I just got my match at the eleventh hour.




My mentor is a woman in executive management who is out of Google but uses GCP. Fair enough. She has emailed me saying that she’ll be on vacation. I tell her to enjoy it. This gives me time to process what has happened during my Google interview.

Okay so my Google interview did not go well. The HR lady called and told me that the interviewer thought that I had great points but did not feel that I would be a good fit right. Immediately I asked her the same question I asked the interviewer ‘Why ask me about two companies that aren’t in the Google portfolio if I’ll never manage them while on my job?’. She responded by saying that the interviewer wanted to know how you’d deal with general product management.






That recruiter actually thought that I would waste 2-3 more year trying to interview and ‘perfect’ my brain teaser answers to get into Google (She said that I would now be part of a 1-year ‘cool down’ period for the Product Manager positions but I could interview for other non-related positions.




I don’t know what it is with these tech companies thinking that you’d wait 1 WHOLE YEAR  to reapply. I did not have to do that with other major cloud companies. Besides it is just plain rude to insinuate that someone would put his life on hold for one company. It has taken every fiber in my body not to tell her off via email.

Here’s top hoping that my GCP mentoring match is much better than my interview.

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