So Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Were Down Video Scored Major Views

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This Twitter Video Received 50 Views

In Less Than One Hour After Pinning


Hey everybody! My So Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down Twitter pinned video has 50 views within one hour. This is major because it signals how many people are looking for ways to not depend upon social media for their livelihoods.



I have also covered this in my blog post Facebook Down, Instagram Down: 5 Reasons Why Email List and Website Still Matter. You own your website and email list but not social media. Even though it is Twitter, which is social media, viewers are still looking for ways to control their stuff.

I can also help you with this. I offer social media strategy sessions to help YOU create your own perfect social media strategy to get you to YOUR next level. And this also includes how social media interacts with your website. Book a consult here:  .

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