Social Media Day : 3 Ways Social Media Helped Me

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Today is Social Media Day! I am here to commemorate today by writing about 3 ways social media has helped me this year.


Gain Visibility

My social media channels have helped increased my visibility especially with video. Take my Instagram account for example. Yesterday I posted a video saying that I passed my AI-100 AI Engineer certification exam. I have 1040 followers but the video had over 600 views! The same with Twitter. Here I have nearly 2000 followers but over 700 video views! On LinkedIn, my video had over 150 video views!

Gain Opportunity

Social media has helped me land some very big opportunities this year. This past May 2021, I was accepted into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Community Builders Program . I always said that my social media made the difference. I would post videos about how I passed my AWS and Azure cloud certifications. They would get hundreds of views. I used some of these videos on my application. I felt that the AWS selection committee saw how many eyes I had on me and selected me. Without social media, I did not think that I would had gotten selected.

Expand My Network

Social media has helped me meet so many brilliant people that I would had not known without it. I will point to 100 Days of Cloud challenge. I am able to meet all types of new people throughout all different walks of life from participating.

My LinkedIn (which is social media) has blown up over social media. I qualified for LinkedIn Live plus the creators mode due to my social media consistency.

Social media is mandatory for a whole lot of businesses and professionals out there. I also offer social media strategy sessions. You can contact me at to book me.

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