Somebody Is Always Watching: Why High Quality Content Is Key

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In a little less than one week, I have received two comments in regards to my Projectized show. Over the weekend I received a LinkedIn invite thanking me for my Projectized episode discussing the PMI Virtual Experiences show episode. Yesterday I received an agile Meetup in my inbox yesterday in response an April 2, 2020 Projectized What Is VUCA? Episode .

This once again proves that somebody is always watching. Now I will talk about the importance of high quality content is key.



Because high quality content positions you as an expert. I have been consistently producing high quality content on my Projectized project management livestream show since January 8, 2019. Now all of the accolades and positive comments are rolling in.

Isn’t Consistency Important?

It is but content is king (Read another Somebody Is Always Watching article here. My Projectized episodes come from professional resources, my PMP certified expertise and current events. I am solving project management problems.

How The Pandemic Helped My Content Creation Process

This pandemic has expanded my project management problem-solving. I have added risk management, crisis communications, crisis management and disaster recovery into my Projectized shows. Speaking of YouTube videos, my Producing Relevant Actionable Project Management Information YouTube video has gone viral receiving over 900 views as of today. This video is in response to an Instagram comment that I’ve received from a follower saying that my Projectized show always provides relevant information in them.

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