Somebody Is Watching: 5 Reasons Content Is King

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This is my story about how I went in to get my taxes done

and walked out learning how far and wide my LinkedIn content was being read


First things first I never expected this. I had a virtual tax appointment because of the Rona (coronavirus). I emailed my documents to the preparer 90 minutes ahead of schedule to make sure that everything was in order.

He was working through my tax returns when out of nowhere in the middle of my appointment., he asked if I was on LinkedIn. I replied yes. He said that that I was ‘kind of famous’ and he saw my stuff.

I was astounded because this was the LAST PLACE where I expected someone to know my work – Sidebar – it was kind of cool knowing that a CPA read your work.


Here are my 5 reasons for why content is king and why you should be doing content marketing regardless of occupation.

Someone is always watching

They are watching and you’d be amazed at who is reading your blog and watching your video. These people have never liked or commented but are steadily watching your every move. I have not expected my tax appointment to morph into this.

Another true story – all of my PMP exam training assignments have come from LinkedIn. They’ve mentioned how they’ve watched my videos. I did not know them from Adam but here they are paying me for my knowledge that put have put out there.

Content is king

I cannot say it enough. You control what content you put out there. There are 4 main content types: video, audio, written and image (photo). Right now video is the highest converting medium. However, people consume content differently. In every blog post, I add video and photo to cover my bases.

You can control what type and frequency of content that you put out. You may not control your job or industry but you can write or shoot a video giving your professional insight about current events. LinkedIn is the business social media. This platform has thousands of different industries. We are also looking for fresh and new takes on things.

Publish using LinkedIn Pulse for Reach

I have my own blog because I understand that I do not own social media. However, I do repurpose my blog content by posting it on LinkedIn Pulse. Till this day I have written over 350 LinkedIn Pulse articles in the areas of project management, personal branding and social media marketing.

Why post on LinkedIn Pulse instead of copying and pasting your blog or video link? Because Linkedin prioritizes LinkedIn Pulse because it is native (read: LinkedIn supported). That promotion exponentially increases your reach; and, hence, why I believe that my tax preparer has read my stuff.

Consistency is Key

Content marketing is great because consistency is key. People have a lot of competing interests. Before they invest their time in reading your stuff and watching their videos, they want to see if you are going to be around. Consistently generating content eliminates the fear that you are wasting their time.

Consistency also accelerates the know, like and trust factor. People only do business with those that they know, like and trust. Consistency creates a familiarity. Having published over 350 LinkedIn Pulse articles in the areas of project management, personal branding and IT service management has made audiences comfortable in my sticking around providing value.

Don’t fear putting yourself out there

This summer will be celebrating 5 years. I would not be where I am currently at had I not gotten started in 2015.

There are two main things stopping you from your content marketing journey: you are 1) overwhelmed and 2) have nothing ‘important’ to say. Let me put both of these fears to bed. First, I understand so just do a 1-paragraph introduction about yourself. Second, your audience determines what is important.

Here are my 5 reasons that content is king. I hope that these will help you get over the hump and just put something out there. You don’t know where you will end up so just get started.


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