Spring Challenge Facebook Ads Outperformed Previous Ones

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Last Friday Phenomena boost CEO Carla R Jenkins’ spring challenge video on both her business and PositivityChange pages. The company boost the business page ad for $6 while the PositivityChange boost ad was $5. These ads ran from March 10th through March 13th. Both video ads performed better than the company’s previous ads. Their performances were due to the creation of a better targeted Facebook ad audience that was used to boost the post.

Sign up for the March 20th spring cleaning challenge here: http://www.pm.expert/springchallenge

Watch the Spring Challenge video ad:


Below are the results for each Facebook page:

Carla R Jenkins

  • Cost $0.01/ per 3-second video
  • 23% result rate (462 per 3-second video views/860 impressions)
  • 7 relevancy score (scale 1-10)


  • Cost $0.02/per 3-second video
  • 17% result rate (301 per 3-second video views/651 impressions)
  • 6 relevancy score


  • The ad performed better on the Carla R Jenkins Facebook business page versus the PositivityChange Facebook page. The Jenkins Facebook business page is more geared towards corporate and project management. PositivityChange is geared towards positive change which is more intangible than project management.
  • Men responded more to the Carla R Jenkins Facebook Ad while women responded more to the PositivityChange Facebook Ad.
  • Remove the 18-24 age bracket from the Facebook Ad audience because it’s negligible. The 25-54 age brackets (25-34,35-44, 45-54) were the bulk of the ad watchers.
  • When Phenomena reruns the ad, it will be solely on the Carla R Jenkins business page. The company is going to relevant participants.
  • The company will also focus on producing more video ads due to less cost per engagement.

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