Spring Clean Your Career with My New Bundle!

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March is the start of spring and I know that everyone wants to start spring cleaning their house; but, what about your career? I know that you may not think that you are even remotely in the market for someone in project management but hear me out. Project management is more than just projects. It’s all about organization and time management. My products help you organize your career and life which is why I create them. ​Today’s I am debuting a new bundle. You’ve seen the 20 top things project managers should know audio and video products as separate. Well, now they are combined into ONE bundle for $47! 

I know that you are interested in spring cleaning your career and personal brand but you find it impossible to fit it into your jam-packed schedule. You have the kids, the afterschool activities, weekend ballet and soccer practices; and, let’s get started with your jobs and the multiple projects (and personalities) that you must juggle day in and day out. You know that amidst all of these competing priorities, you KNOW that there is a better way of managing your time; but, you haven’t found the right way to go about it. Well, my audio + video bundle is for you! Learn wherever you are.

You can watch this from:

  • During your morning commute,
  • in the airport lounge during a layover,
  • at the hotel lobby during check-in
  • or even at your child’s soccer game.

And the best part is that this audio will take less than ONE hour! My product has the flexibility to accommodate YOU, the busy professional!

This audio + video bundle contains:

  • top 20 things that project managers need to know to be successful. This course will eliminate your learning curve!
  • top 20 things that project managers need to know to be successful course slides.

In Less Than ONE Hour, You Will Learn:

  • The 20 things it’s taken seasoned project managers years to learn
  • The project management jargon that the certified project managers use
  • Tools and techniques that you can instantly implement on your job.

You can improve your job performance in less time than a lunch break! And, at your own pace and on your own time!

Buy the 20 Things that All Project Managers Should Know Audio Course now!


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