Spring Is Right Around the Corner

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Hey everyone! This is Carla. Yes, if you live where I live snow may be on the ground and frigidity is in the air; but, look at the calendar: it will be March 1st this Friday!


March the official start of spring and this should put you in a good mood everyone (even the groundhog is cooperating this year!)! I mean spring is a time for renewal, blossoming and warmer temps (there is a season for everything!).

What better way to prepare for spring than spring cleaning? This is the time to do the out with the old, in with the new. Here are some spring cleaning articles to help you:

Spring Clean Your Schedule – https://carlarjenkins.com/spring-clean-your-schedule/

Spring Clean Your Digital Devices – https://carlarjenkins.com/spring-clean-digital-space/

P.S. – I am letting you know that there will be more spring cleaning articles and ebooks coming soon. So keep it right here.

Here’s to spring everyone,


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