Staying On Brand At All Times

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Hey there. It is Friday. We are officially 75 days into 2019. How are you doing? I hope that it is all well and that you are making progress. If you have been following me throughout this year, you would know that I have been working on building my Instagram TV (IGTV) channel. Now this is NOT what I had on my 2019 resolutions but it has emerged as a critical part of my community building and social media engagement.


Why am I sharing this tidbit of information?

Because this shows that plans can change but your aim doesn’t. I am still making progress increasing my website traffic, email list and social media followers. Also by committing to IGTV and creating my own Projectized project management show on Periscope (another thing that I hadn’t written down in the resolutions category), I have secured a lot of meetings and phone calls regarding how I can help their companies.

This is what I mean by staying on brand. Even though I am using a new channel (IGTV), my message (social media, personal branding and project management) stays the same.

And I want the same thing for you which is why I have written Expand Your Personal Brand to show you how to stay on brand regardless of people, places and things. It covers time management, prioritization and shifting agendas. All of the things that have happened 75 days into 2019 and probably for the rest of this year.

I also have a workbook and a bundle (book + workbook) that you can buy too if you need

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend everyone,



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