Successfully Renewed My PMP Certification

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I have successfully renewed my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification today! This is a very big professional accomplishment because that means that I am current until 2022! For all of my other certifications, this PMP is the one credential that has been life-changing. I have managed to never dip below $100,000 with my PMP. I have had employers bluntly tell me that they are only interviewing me because I have the PMP. That’s how much weight the PMP carries!



I am even more ecstatic because the Project Management Institute (PMI) has changed the renewal process. Previously, you could get all 60 of your personal development units (PDUs) for classes. Now PMI has split it into 35 PDUs for training and 25 PDUs for giving back. Giving back means mentoring, teaching, and creating project management content. I have been creating content even before the new changes. I have steadily written my PM.Project newsletter, done Project Management Mondays (PMM) Live YouTube Live shows, podcasts and videos sharing my project management knowledge.

I have submitted my PM.Project newsletters for the 25 credit hours. Currently on issue 82, since 2016, I have delivered weekly project management content to my subscribers. My foci are PMI, PMP certifications, and the latest industry trends. I am all about educating my subscribers on doing project management the right way. I am amazed that PMI has accepted it but I have also included the Medium PM.Project search just in case to verify my newsletters.


So what’s next?

Teaching and mentoring. Having completed my second PMP certification renewal and doing project management for over 10 years, I feel like I am at the same where I am a mentor. I will seek out more project management teaching positions to share my knowledge and serve as a mentor for all PMP aspirants. I am truly about paying it forward to help others in the process.

As always, keep your eyes peeled here at for the latest and greatest in all of my endeavors!


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