5 Reasons Why You Should Pass Your AI-900 Exam Now!

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Artificial Intelligence is on everyone’s lips. Everywhere you turn from ChatGPT to bots to Alexa and Siri personal assistants, everyone is talking about AI. Well, with so much demand for AI, you would need some competent people to create and … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : I’m So Much In Demand

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  Okay y’all. For the past month I have been interviewing for AWS cloud jobs; and, it has been rather happy about it. I mean I have started out learning AWS so it is pretty cool that several jobs are … Continued

Week in Review : Keep Going Even During Christmastime

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Yes, it is less than one week out before Christmas but I am still keeping busy because the people are watching.   Being Highlighted for Helping Someone Pass His AI-900 Exam on LinkedIn Friday, December 18, 2020, out of nowhere … Continued

Week in Review: Bounce Back!

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  Hey guys. I was under the weather so I missed my Midweek Review video but I am back now! Bouncing Back OMG! I had one of my worst weeks here in Cleveland. It snowed on Tuesday. The lights went … Continued

Week Ahead: Staying The Course

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I am all about technology and landing a tech opportunity this week. Staying the course with machine learning has exposed to me so many more job opportunities than ever before. Focused on Passing AWS Machine Learning I am very happy … Continued

I Passed My Azure AI Fundamentals Exam

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It’s official: I have passed my Azure AI Fundamentals certification exam scoring 900/1000 Monday, November 2, 2020. This is my third Azure certification and my sixth cloud computing certification overall.   I would like to thank Start.Dev.Change for the free … Continued

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