AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : All AWS All Of The Time

Happy Saturday morning everyone! This week I have started attending the Australia and USA trainings. I am very happy to be in the Eastern time zone so usually when it is Australia West morning, it is 5pm or 7pm over … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : All In The Video

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  AWS Community Builders Video Is Out Happy Friday everybody! I am back with an all-new installment. And this is a particularly great one because *drum roll* the official AWS Community Builders Program YouTube video is out! Even though I … Continued

AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Which Way Is Up

I am typing this on Friday instead of the normal Saturday morning when it comes out. Usually we have a weekly AWS technical training session but there is no Slack channel mention because the company 9maybe) onboarding another cohort.   … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : I’m So Much In Demand

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  Okay y’all. For the past month I have been interviewing for AWS cloud jobs; and, it has been rather happy about it. I mean I have started out learning AWS so it is pretty cool that several jobs are … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : Ahead Of The Curve

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Happy Friday everybody! And we are BACK with an all-new episode. This week I am delving deeper into machine learning. I have attended the machine learning track’s AWS machine learning scholarship program Chime webinar because I have not been attending … Continued

AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Let’s Do It Again

Okay so I have switched over from the April cohort to the June cohort and I am literally starting over again. This week I have had the same inaugural AWS office hours talking all of the beginner type of stuff. … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : Machine Learning Outside of AWS

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I have I am spreading my wings and flying outside of the AWS nest because I need to beef up my machine learning knowledge. This is a very hot field. I also want to be multi-cloud in AI/ML since I … Continued

AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Rollover Period

The AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA Slack moderators have officially opened the June 2022 thread for the new cohort. If we have not gotten our exam vouchers and/or pass the Solutions Architect Associate (SAA) we can roll over there. Hence … Continued

The Summer 2022 AWS Community Builders Application Window Is Open!

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  Breaking News – I have just received this from the AWS Community Builders Program Manager directly that the summer 2022 application window is now open! The application period is from now July 1, 2022 until July 17, 2022. Click … Continued

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