Newsletter : Issue 13 : Learning from Others

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  Hey everyone! As you have known from last week I have been a coauthor on the HER Chronicles 2 anthology. I am happy to announce to everyone that HER Chronicles 2 is officially an Amazon bestseller! You can read … Continued

Newsletter : Issue 12 : Building Partnerships

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    Carla’s Corner I am a Type A and openly admit that I am not a proponent of group work. This is mainly because some group members don’t pull their own weight. However, what I have learned the past … Continued

HER Chronicles 2 Pre-Orders Are Now Available!

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  Hello Community! I along with 10 other amazing women, are sharing our stories of Survival, Sacrifice and Spiritual Awakening in the collaborative book project entitled, “Her Chronicles, Vol 2.” This riveting collection of tales chronicles some of the most … Continued

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