Introducing Earned Value Management Basics!

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Earned Value Management Basics gives you the foundational knowledge to better assess business risk and make sounder business decisions for your small and medium-sized businesses. Now Live on    As you know, Phenomena Corporation has its premier course, Earned … Continued

Earned Value Management Explained Now Has a Payment Plan!

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    Hey everyone! I have a very big announcement: Earned Value Management Explained course now has a payment plan. So if you cannot afford the full $297, you can now buy it for 2 $150 monthly payment plans! I’ve … Continued

Watch the New Earned Value Management Explained YouTube Video Playlist!

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  By now you’ve read and watched several episodes of Earned Value Management Explained videos. I have an announcement: now all of them are in one place: the Earned Value Management Explained Playlist! You can watch the new and old … Continued

Carla’s Correspondence Issue 34 : Saving Yourself from a Taxing Situation

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Tax time has saved my tail this week. You’ve read this right! Tax time has saved me because it will give me a capital infusion to make my business cash flow positive. I admit that I am amazed that tax … Continued

Carla’s Correspondence : Issue 33 : The Importance of Educating Your Audience

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  Hey everyone! I am back for another issue. This week has been one of epiphanies, some of which I truly didn’t want. I wanted the second quarter to be better than the first so I started asking questions about … Continued

Last Day to Get Earned Value Management Explained for $97

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Today is the last day to buy my new Earned Value Management Explained course for $97! This pre-order sale ends on Friday, April 7th! I have mentioned this in the newsletter but I want to follow and notify you that today … Continued

I Have 1600 Pinterest Followers!

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I have reached 1600 Pinterest followers today. I am extremely grateful for the people following me. I appreciate that I am receiving followers from my project management content. My follower rate has increased due to the project management tip videos … Continued

Sign Up for Earned Value Management Explained at the $97 Pre-Order Price

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From today until Friday, April 7, 2017, this course is available for pre-order for ONLY $97     Are you frustrated not knowing how to read your office’s cost reports? Want to learn a better way to understand the numbers … Continued

Carla’s Correspondence Issue 32 : Cash Flow Positive

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Hey everyone! I know that this title may take you a back a little bit but I am stating my second quarter goal. From April to June, becoming cash flow positive is my second quarter goal. It has taken me … Continued

Don’t Be an April Fool! Buy the Expand Your Personal Brand Bundle Today!

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Don’t be an April fool! Expand your Personal Brand this second quarter and beyond with my bundle. This bundle contains my Amazon bestselling book and workbook. The book contains the 20 top business lessons to expand your personal brand plus … Continued

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