Twenty-Second Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Job Search Integrity and In-Demand Certs

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This mentoring session comes on the heels of Google acquiring cybersecurity firm Madiant. This means that Google is trying to beef up Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud security. This is very big news when it comes to being in GCP … Continued

Twenty-First Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: Multicloud Matters

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Hey everybody! I am back with a brand-new installment. This time I have had a session with someone initially about Terraform. I have learned so much about Terraform and the cloud business. I introduce myself telling him about the GCP … Continued

Seventh Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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This is the final formal GCP Jumpstart exam prep session that is specifically dedicated towards us completing the labs and sitting for the Associate Cloud Engineer certification. All of the future sessions will be around career development and learning from … Continued

Fifth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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  I am BAAACK with an all-new GCP Jumpstart installment. This is the second to the last biweekly session. In this session, the instructor has covered object life cycle management, cloud monitoring and Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam review. I … Continued

Google Cloud Jumpstart First Session Recap

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Hey everybody! If you’ve been reading this blog (and you SHOULD!) then you would know that I got accepted into the Google Cloud Jumpstart Program! As a multi-cloud professional, this is major because here in the US, Google Cloud Platform … Continued

Week Ahead : Power Up My Professional Development

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This week is going to be HUGE! I have not ONE, not TWO but THREE certification exam prep trainings. Whew! It is going to be a busy week of professional development! I am up for it! Newsletter Monday Monday is … Continued

Accepted Into Google Cloud Jumpstart Program

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GCP Is The 3rd Biggest US Public Cloud You know that on this blog I’ve stressed the importance of being multi-cloud. Since 2020, I have been AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud. Well, today I’ve learned that I have been accepted … Continued

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