I Got Accepted Into Salesforce Fundamentals Black Talent Cohort

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  I have an announcement: I’ve gotten accepted into the Salesforce Fundamentals Black Talent Cohort. This is a big deal because this invitation to join came out of nowhere. Last Friday I received this email inviting me to apply for … Continued

Day 675 of 100 Days of Cloud : Season of Renewal

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Today is Day 675 of 100 Days of Cloud. The title of this 25-day cycle is season of renewal because I have submitted my AWS Community Builder renewal application on April 28, 2022 and am working on my AZ-700 renewal … Continued

AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : This Is NOT A Game!

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    After receiving such great feedback from Twitter (and LinkedIn) regarding my AWS She Builds video https://carlarjenkins.com/my-aws-she-builds-cloud-up-twitter-video-received-over-550-views/ , I have decided to create a series. This is the first installment. Backstory: I initially enrolled in this AWS She Builds … Continued

Eleventh Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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And, I am back! In this session we’re covering site reliability engineers. I am happy that this time there is an interest form so that we can select which positions in addition to SRE that you’re interested in at Google … Continued

Tenth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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This is the final GCP Jumpstart session for the month of April; and, they must be saving the best for last because this is the most productive session yet!   Today we’ve covered Customer Engineer and Partner Engineer (truth be … Continued

This Week In AWS Community: It’s Renewal Deadline Time

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It is 3 days before the May 2, 2022 AWS Community Builders renewal deadline. If you’ve been reading this series, you’ve known that I have been keeping you up to date regarding it.     I am also happy that … Continued

Why You Should Stay In GCP Jumpstart Beyond ACE Exam Prep

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As you know I am currently enrolled in the Google Cloud Jumpstart program. It is a volunteer program where after 12 weeks’ worth of labs and modules, you’d receive a free Associate Cloud Engineer exam voucher.   I have chronicled … Continued

Eighth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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Today is the first day that these sessions are held on Friday instead of Tuesday. Methinks that it is because I somehow have been transitioned from the exam prep portion of the program to the cloud career portion. Will report … Continued

Seventh Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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This is the final formal GCP Jumpstart exam prep session that is specifically dedicated towards us completing the labs and sitting for the Associate Cloud Engineer certification. All of the future sessions will be around career development and learning from … Continued

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