Thirty-First Google Cloud Jumpstart Session: Recap New Year

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I know that I am late with this entry. My mentoring meeting was Friday, January 6, 2023 (My mentor was traveling January 2, 2023 so she rescheduled). I will break this down into the good, the bad and the ugly. … Continued

Thirtieth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: 2022 Year In Review

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This most likely would be the final GCP Jumpstart entry of 2022 unless I write about my New Year’s goals. I would like to thank each and every single one of you for reading my GCP Jumpstart series. Your patronage … Continued

Twenty-Four Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Cloud Digital Leader

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022, I received my actual GCP Cloud Digital Leader confirmation from Google. I took and passed the exam Thursday, September 27, 2022 and 6 days later here it was.   This is my first GCP certification. I … Continued

October 2022 Certification List Update

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There has been a lot of positive momentum happening this October! Yesterday I passed my GCP Cloud Digital Leader! It was my first GCP certification. This certification was on my original 2022 certification list.   In addition to GCP and … Continued

Passed My GCP Cloud Digital Leader Exam!

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  I have passed my Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Digital Leader certification exam tonight! This is my first GCP certification. I am currently a member of the GCP Jumpstart program participant Here are the resources that I have used … Continued

Pluralsight Cloud Happy Promotion Has 5 FREE Fundamentals Exam Prep

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From now until the end of 2022, Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru (acquired by Pluralsight) are offering 5 FREE cloud fundamentals exam prep.   This is a big deal because AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform are the top 3 … Continued

Completed the Google Cloud Official Cloud Digital Leader Learning Path

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  As you know that I am enrolled in the Google Cloud Jumpstart Program to pass my Associate Cloud Engineer certification. I have also mentioned my desire to sit for the Cloud Digital Leader fundamentals exam to learn the exam … Continued

Accepted Into Google Cloud Jumpstart Program

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GCP Is The 3rd Biggest US Public Cloud You know that on this blog I’ve stressed the importance of being multi-cloud. Since 2020, I have been AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud. Well, today I’ve learned that I have been accepted … Continued

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