Seventeenth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Met The Mentor + Mentee Tips

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  Today I have finally met my mentor. She works for an IT tech distributor (pretty cool because I have not heard of that type of company before!). We’ve spoken about Google Cloud Platform (GCP) (the company also has an … Continued

Coursera + Google Cloud Partners for FREE 30-day Learning Path And Exam Voucher

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  Coursera + Google Cloud partner for a FREE 30-day GCP learning path and exam voucher. Though the promotion lasts until December 31, 2022, the FREE promotion is only good for 30 days. Afterward, Coursera may charge you a monthly … Continued

Fifteenth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Mentoring Match And More

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Although the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) interview and mentoring webinar were held on June 29, 2022, I waited until July 1, 2022. The reason being is that I receive my mentoring match today at 12pm EDT (9am PDT). I want … Continued

Day 725 of 100 Days of Cloud : Rounding The Bend Towards Year 2

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  Accomplishments 6/7 – Aced my second interview for a cloud position 6/10 – Applied for GCP mentoring program cycle that started June 13, 2022 6/13 – Attended GCP mentoring webinar 6/16 – Recruiter reached out for Cloud Product Manager … Continued

Thirteen Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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This installment has been delayed because I have been busy with Google Cloud and other cloud programs (Hey, this is a great thing because that means that companies are seeing my actively apply my knowledge that I have received from … Continued

Twelfth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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FYI – I have missed 3 sessions (May 13, 2022, May 20, 2022 and May 27, 2022) due to interviews (which is a good thing. This means that being in GCP Jumpstart has put me on the radar!). However, I … Continued

Eleventh Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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And, I am back! In this session we’re covering site reliability engineers. I am happy that this time there is an interest form so that we can select which positions in addition to SRE that you’re interested in at Google … Continued

Google Cloud Is Hosting 500 FREE Courses On Coursera From Apr. 28- May 29, 2022

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    GCP is hosting 500 FREE courses and labs on Coursera for 30 days! This is a huge because all of these labs are officially from GCP. That means if you are interested in obtaining your GCP certification then … Continued

Tenth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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This is the final GCP Jumpstart session for the month of April; and, they must be saving the best for last because this is the most productive session yet!   Today we’ve covered Customer Engineer and Partner Engineer (truth be … Continued

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