TargetDown: Target Misses The Bullseye When It Comes to Cybersecurity

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  Today, the day before Father’s Day, all of Target’s US cash registers went down for several hours. It was a coordinated cyberattack against the retail giant. This attack was done the day before a holiday (Father’s Day). It lasted … Continued

Phenomena Releases its New Value Statement

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  Phenomena has a new value statement. It contains 7 points incorporation the company’s values. These seven values are in every client interaction, product and service that Phenomena offers. These seven values: Positivity – always strive for positive experiences Proficiency … Continued

Phenomena Debuts a New Mission Statement

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  Phenomena Corporation has released an all-new mission statement to improve its customer service delivery and interact with its target market. The new statement is to communicate positivity, proficiency, and professionalism at all times. The mission statement combines the core … Continued

US Chamber of Commerce 2017 State of American Business Speech and Analysis

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  Today at the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) President Thomas J Donohue gives the organization’s annual State of American Business speech. Donohue’s speech was highly anticipated given that President Obama gave his farewell speech in Chicago last night and … Continued

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