AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : We Global

Okay if you have been reading the blog series as of late, you would know that an AWS User Group in Central America has reached out to me via Facebook Messenger for a speaking opportunity. Someone has read one of … Continued

AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Lead Generation Using Medium

  Happy Saturday! This is my first AWS She Builds post for the New Year! It comes because someone has read my AWS She Builds articles on Medium and contacted me about speaking to their AWS User Group. I am amazed … Continued

Received Over 400 Medium Followers

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                  Carlarjenkins Is Moving Back Up To Over 400 Medium Followers   What a way to start off the New Year right! I have just crossed over 400 Medium Followers. I am very happy that I have accumulated more … Continued

My Medium Page Got Over 2100 Monthly Views

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The AWS, Azure and Curated by Carla Newsletter Contributed The Most Views   My Medium page received over 2100 monthly views during mid-May. My AWS, Azure and Curated by Carla Twitter newsletter contribute to the most views I am very … Continued

Morning Magnet : May Musings

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Today is May 1, 2022. It is the fifth month of 2022. It is also the first full month of spring and later this month with Memorial Day, the official start of summer in the US.   I am writing … Continued

Olympians and Academics Read

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OMG! I have received one of the most shocking (and pleasant surprise) this past Friday morning: a two-time Olympian emails me on LinkedIn requesting to read my How the Olympics Use Project Management. I am flabbergasted that someone who has … Continued

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