AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Accepting All Speaking Gigs!

I had a great time speaking at the AWS Belize User Group on Thursday. I would like to thank Felene, the Acting Librarian Director of the National Belize Heritage Library, and Orlando, Ruth, and Gilbert from the AWS Belize User … Continued

I Spoke At AWS Belize User Group For Women History Month

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  March is Women’s History Month. Yesterday I spoke (via Zoom!) at the Belize National Heritage Library for the AWS Belize User Group. I would like to thank Orlando, Felene, Gilbert and everyone at AWS Belize user Group for finding … Continued

Twenty-Third Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Professional Development

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I know it’s been a while everyone but this GCP series is BACK! This past Monday I had my mentoring session. We talked about Google Cloud Next conference which happened last week. In my summary email to her, I discussed … Continued

AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Missing The Memo

  Okay everyone! It has finally hit me that I am not receiving the Slack notifications from the June 2022 thread. I think that it is because I have been accepted in the April 2022 program. Also I have noticed … Continued

My GWU Advisory Council Welcome Kit Unboxing!

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  Hey everybody! My George Washington University (GWU) School of Business Customer Experience Program Advisory Council welcome kit has arrived! I became an advisory member in August 2021 and now here comes my kit. My kit contains: My Advisory Council Welcome … Continued

Morning Magnet: Cloud Subject Matter Expert

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This blog post article was inspired by a very nice recommendation letter from Andrew Brown at ExamPro. One of the jobs I was interviewing for requested references. Initially I froze because all of my references were over 2 years old; … Continued

7 Ways My PMP Helped Me

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7 years ago on June 27, 2013, I passed my Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. This credential has transformed my career. I can pinpoint the difference pre-PMP vs. post-PMP. Here are 7 ways my PMP helped me. how t   … Continued

Happy to Be a Project Management Mentor

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  You know that I am very big on paying it forward. I have started my project management journey without any help or guidance. I had to figure out how to get the skills, certification and my jobs all on … Continued

Morning Magnet: Paying It Forward for PMPs

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  Good morning everyone! I have started this morning right by seeing this YouTube comment on my video. I have always been big about paying it forward especially when it comes to PMP. When I started my project management journey … Continued

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