I Got Accepted Into Salesforce Fundamentals Black Talent Cohort

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  I have an announcement: I’ve gotten accepted into the Salesforce Fundamentals Black Talent Cohort. This is a big deal because this invitation to join came out of nowhere. Last Friday I received this email inviting me to apply for … Continued

Day 675 of 100 Days of Cloud : Season of Renewal

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Today is Day 675 of 100 Days of Cloud. The title of this 25-day cycle is season of renewal because I have submitted my AWS Community Builder renewal application on April 28, 2022 and am working on my AZ-700 renewal … Continued

AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : This Is NOT A Game!

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    After receiving such great feedback from Twitter (and LinkedIn) regarding my AWS She Builds video https://carlarjenkins.com/my-aws-she-builds-cloud-up-twitter-video-received-over-550-views/ , I have decided to create a series. This is the first installment. Backstory: I initially enrolled in this AWS She Builds … Continued

Eleventh Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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And, I am back! In this session we’re covering site reliability engineers. I am happy that this time there is an interest form so that we can select which positions in addition to SRE that you’re interested in at Google … Continued

I’ve Been Accepted Into AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA

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I have been accepted into the AWS She Builds CloudUp Solutions Architect Associate program. It has been over a week. The program started last week April 27, 2022.   I have two goals while enrolled in this program: 1) learn … Continued

This Week In AWS Community: It’s Renewal Deadline Time

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It is 3 days before the May 2, 2022 AWS Community Builders renewal deadline. If you’ve been reading this series, you’ve known that I have been keeping you up to date regarding it.     I am also happy that … Continued

Azure Cloud Week For Partners Returns May 9th – 13th

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  Another Azure Cloud Week for Partners will return May 9th through May 13th. You will need a business email to register. This time after completing all 5 days’ online training, you would receive a free exam voucher for your … Continued

Completed Build And Work With Azure VNets Cloud Skills Challenge

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Okay I know that today is Easter Sunday and that I should be resting but I am a curious person who is always seeking out opportunity. I start searching Twitter for #AWSCommunity (because I am an AWS Community Builder. You … Continued

Eighth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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Today is the first day that these sessions are held on Friday instead of Tuesday. Methinks that it is because I somehow have been transitioned from the exam prep portion of the program to the cloud career portion. Will report … Continued

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