Happy To Receive Over 2150 Monthly Carlarjenkins.com Google Analytics Pageviews

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    This is the mid-August 2022 Carlarjenkins.com Google Analytics report. I am happy that over 2150 visitors have come to my site especially since August is my birthday month and I have not been posting as much. This 2150 … Continued

Google Analytics Reports That Carlarjenkins.com Expanded Its Traffic Leads

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77In Between June 16 – July 15, 2022 www.carlarjenkins.com Has Acquired Traffic Leads From (Other) And Email Categories     www.carlarjenkins.com has been acquiring and expanding more traffic leads beyond organic, direct and social media. In between June 16 – … Continued

Carlarjenkins.com Has Over 17,000 Pageviews In 2021

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2021 has been a record breaking year for www.carlarjenkins.com. It’s scored its highest Alexa Internet global and US site rankings! Now this site has received over 17,000 hits! I am very happy with all of you coming to my site … Continued

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