YouTubeDown Periscope Video Has Over 1000 Views

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  My YouTubeDown Periscope video now has over 1000 views! I am very happy about this livestream because it taught viewers 5 reasons why email and website still matter in the social media age. You do not own YouTube (or … Continued

Morning Magnet: YouTube and Snapchat Are Down

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Happy Monday everyone. If you are into social media, you noticed that Sunday both YouTube and Snapchat were down affecting millions of users. YouTube is the second largest search media owned by Google, the largest search engine. In addition, most … Continued

YouTube Down, Snapchat Down: 5 Reasons Email and Website Still Matter

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YouTube and Snapchat are down right now. YouTube is the second largest search engine (and a social media). It also magnifies a downside of social media: you don’t own it. This is one reason why you should have your own … Continued

Many Happy Returns! The Newsletter is Back!

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  Hi, there! I am back from my summer sabbatical and am I very grateful for all of my community! Although there are a whole lot of positive changes, I am going to ease back into this newsletter. In this … Continued

Periscope and Snapchat Social Media Updates

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  Monday, August 22, 2016 – Phenomena Corporation has 2 social media announcements: Periscope.TV CEO Carla R Jenkins’ new Periscope username is carlarjenkins. This name change aligns with the personal brand’s social media strategy. All of her other social media … Continued Newsletter – Issue 7

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  Hello community! I am happy that you have subscribed to another week’s newsletter. Carla’s Corner: In the midst of the hottest days of summer, it is essential to stay cool and avoid sunstroke and overheating. Drink lots of water, … Continued

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