Morning Magnet: I Am on IGTV

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Check Out My IGTV Channel for the Best in Social Media, Personal Branding and Project Management     Hey everyone! I am on IGTV, the new Instagram TV channel. My channel covers the best in social media, personal branding and … Continued

Carlarjenkins Has 1750 Twitter Followers

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I am happy to announce that I have received 1750 Twitter followers. This increase from 1700 has come more rapidly than others because of my photos and Twitter chats. Twitter has also been the largest traffic driver from This … Continued

People and Brands Want In! How to Work with Me

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People are extremely responsive to seeing my 6 minute-23 second Google Analytics article. Everyone wants to work with a winner; having over 6 minutes’ blog readership IS WINNING! My audience is interested in what I have to say. My videos and … Continued

Receiving 200,000 Periscope Hearts

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I have awakened to a pleasant surprise this morning: 200,000 Periscope hearts! I treasure this milestone even more because I haven’t been on the pass the cast. I have been on my grind so this growth is organic. I have … Continued

Pinterest and Project Management Article Has Gone Viral!

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  Read the original PM.Expert article here: My Pinterest and Project Management? Why yes? article has gone viral on LinkedIn reaching so many of my fellow project managers! Today I open up LinkedIn and have seen that one of … Continued

SITS Girls Featured Me in the January 28th Sharefest

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I am happy to announce that SITS Girls has featured my January 21st ‘My Journey to 100 LinkedIn Articles’ in the blog’s ‘Who We Loved from Last Week’s Sharefest’. Check it out here: You can read My Journey to 100 … Continued

Newsletter : Issue 22 : What Are You Open To?

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  Hey everyone! I am BACK with an all-new issue! I love livestreaming and social media because I get to communicate and exchange ideas with people. I have been on Periscope since July 2015. That’s 18 months. Time surely flies! … Continued

Phenomena 2016 Year in Review Accomplishments

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  2016 has been a whirlwind year for Phenomena Corporation. There have been a lot of achievements as well as growing pains. This is our first year of business. Phenomena was incorporated in March opting for the IRS S Corporation … Continued

Newsletter: Issue 19 : Staying Started in 2017!

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  Happy New Year everyone! I pray that you have a prosperous 2017. I will be the first to admit that 2016 is not how I want it to go. Although I have had a lot of accomplishments, I view … Continued