Got Accepted Into Google Tech Equity Collective Rising Innovators Program

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Today I’ve been accepted into the Google’s Tech Equity Collective Rising Innovators Program. This is my second Google-related training cohort. I participated in the Google Cloud Jumpstart Associate Cloud Engineer Program. I would like to thank Google, Karat and Brilliant … Continued

Pi Day 2023 Notes

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Yesterday was March 14, 2023 (Pi Day) and I had an absolute blast. I attended both the AWS Innovate and Oracle Cloud Developer Relations Pi Day livestream events. See my photos below. As you can see I had a lot … Continued

February 2023 Certification List Update

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Today is February 28, 2023, the final of the month. As standard operating procedures around these parts, I am giving you my February 2023 certification list update! I will weigh my February progress against my original 2023 baseline here. Accomplishments … Continued

This Week In AWS Community : Good Conscious

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Happy Friday everybody! This is a brand-new installment where I am talking the importance of having a good conscious with this blog series.   Case in point: AWS has a new Cloud Practitioner Challenge out there right now; but, there … Continued

Cybrary Creates 500+ Hours Free Access Plan To Curb Skills Shortage

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  This is a big deal! Cybrary created a 500+ hour FREE access plan geared at beginners, practitioners and advanced practitioners. The company said that it created these different free plans to curb the skills shortage. Everyone every day you … Continued

Take Full Advantage Of These Free Training And Vouchers Before They’re Gone!

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Right now there is a lot of drawback regarding tech programs due the industry laying off thousands of people. These programs help upskill and reskill thousands of professionals to gain a foothold in tech. Their elimination really hurts college students, … Continued

ISC2 Has A One Million Certified in Cybersecurity To Close The Diversity Gap

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The ISC2 has a new diversity equity inclusion (DEI) called One Million Certified in Cybersecurity. This initiative is spearheaded to close the diversity gap.   ISC2 is sponsoring 1 million free Certified in Cybersecurity certifications. This is the new junior-level cybersecurity … Continued

Databricks Offers FREE $200 Voucher By Enrolling In FREE September 20, 2022 Webinar

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      Databricks is offering a FREE $200 voucher for any certification by attending its September 20, 2022 virtual webinar. You will need a business email to register for this event.   Below is the full information that I … Continued

Azure Cloud Week For Partners Returns May 9th – 13th

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  Another Azure Cloud Week for Partners will return May 9th through May 13th. You will need a business email to register. This time after completing all 5 days’ online training, you would receive a free exam voucher for your … Continued

CISSP Ninth Exam Prep Session Recap

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Welcome back everyone! This week the instructor covered the OSI model. This brought back memories because 4 years ago while I was in my first security+ training, I was learning this. Even though the instructor derailed that the OSI and … Continued

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