Thank You LinkedInFam For Getting Me Over 1500 Career Trajectory Subscribers

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This is a big milestone for me – I have reached over 1500 LinkedIn newsletter subscribers! This has happened in 17 issues. I would like to thank each and every single one of you for getting me over 1500!


I have been publishing Career Trajectory every Wednesday in between 12pm-1pm EDT on LinkedIn. I have not missed ONE Wednesday. When I say weekly I mean weekly. I want to be able to share my IT, cloud and project management resources and insight.

Proof That Career Trajectory Is Ahead Of The Curve

During these past 17 issues I have rightly told you that once Oracle acquired Cerner healthcare, Oracle Cloud would pivot into adding more healthcare jobs (CEO Larry Ellison said this via YouTube Live).

Also when I passed my MS-900 certification exam in May, I told you that Microsoft realigned the exam to fit the Microsoft 365 pathway to SC-100. Microsoft added zero trust and cybersecurity removing describing the difference between Yammer and Teams.

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