Thankful to Receive Over 500 IGTV Views!

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Hey everyone! I am very thankful to everyone in my Instagram community and beyond to receiving over 500 Instagram TV (IGTV) views!


As you know, I have dedicated myself towards IGTV at the top of this year and am very happy with the community that I have built. My dedication has been rewarded with people seeing me as an IGTV expert. In addition, I have uploaded Projectized show replays on IGTV to educate people in project management basics. I have also created weekly programming alert videos to updated my viewers just like TV.

I have been able to produce high quality social media, personal branding and project management content to be able to help people on IGTV. I am truly happy to be a positive part of the IGTV community. I cannot wait until I receive 750 even 1000 views.

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