Thanks for Getting My Project Management Video Over 500 YouTube Views

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This proves that people respect relevant

and actionable content that makes their lives easier.


Thank you everybody for getting my Providing Relevant and Actionable Project Management Information YouTube video over 500 views! I have created this video after receiving a positive Instagram comment from someone saying that he likes my page because I provide relevant information. If you are long-term reader this sentiment should not surprise you.

My YouTube channel covers certification training in the areas of cloud, project management, workforce development and IT service management. I am certified PMP, CSM, AWS and ITIL. I know how much money it costs to pass their exams. I want my YouTube channel to be a resource to those pursuing their career dreams.

In these challenging economic times, my YouTube channel resonates with people even more. Right now in June 2020, there are over 45 million unemployed Americans. Two of the top pandemic jobs are project manager and service design managers but employers still demand PMP and ITIL certified professionals. Now more than ever people need relevant career content to reskill and upskill themselves. I am very happy that my YouTube channel is helping people in need.

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