Thanks for Getting My Targeted EIDL Video 250 YouTube Views!

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The Targeted Economic Injury Disaster Loan (Targeted EIDL) program is for qualified low-income small businesses who did not receive their full $10,000 EIDL cash advance during last year’s first round of funding. Here’s the program information.

However, the SBA does not provide sufficient instructions to complete the application so I have written a blog post detailing the two things that the they don’t tell you about the Targeted EIDL application.

I am thankful that you have gotten me 250 YouTube video views! This is amazing because I am a small YouTube channel with less than 500 subscribers. That’s like half of my subscribers watching this ONE video.



I have also received a positive comment on how my video help them understand the application.


Watch it down below and sub to my YouTube channel here


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