The Complete Google Cloud Jumpstart Journey From Application To Mentoring Program

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Since I’ve celebrated my 25th Google Cloud Jumpstart session recap post, I have noticed a lot of new people reading my blog series. First, thank you! Second, I want to give you the whole timeline from application process to onboarding to mentoring.


GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Application Phase


I applied for the Google Cloud Jumpstart Associate Cloud Engineer program in August/September 2021. First, the Associate Cloud Engineer is not a beginner’s certification. You should have a cloud certification with some cloud knowledge before applying. In my case, I have had both AWS and Azure fundamentals and associate cloud certifications and cloud work experience.

Google sent me an acceptance email 3 weeks later around October 2021. This email did not specify cohort start date. The second that I received in December 2021 did have my January 2022 cohort start date.


Jumpstart Associate Cloud Engineer Program Phase


In January 2022, I started the GCP Jumpstart Associate Cloud Engineer biweekly program this January 2022. The program met 6 times every 2 weeks. That program phase ended April 2022. This was the mandatory part. The career development and mentoring programs were voluntarily but great for career development.



Career Development Phase


The career development phase started in April 2022 for the next 10 weeks. We got to meet every different GCP job type from partner engineer to technical account manager to site reliability engineer to GCP product manager. During the final career development session, the staff provided us with a mentoring link which first session started the very next Monday evening. I highlighted this because if you did not register immediately for that mentoring session, you would have to wait 1 month for the next session.


Mentoring Phase


I am currently in the mentoring phase since July 2022. It has been extremely beneficial for me professionally. I have had 5-person cloud interviews where I have a hard time bonding with an interviewer outside of cloud. I oftentimes wonder why is this person interviewing me.? My mentor has told me that I can still ask questions about company culture and how to ask about their management style.


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