The Importance of Implementation

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Implementation is key. Yes, you can do all of the planning that you want (and don’t get me wrong I am a certified project manager I love planning); but, without action nothing happens. Let’s address why people view implementing as a very hard thing.


  • It’s the devil you do know versus the devil you don’t: people hate admitting that there is a certain comfort level in knowing the current situation that you are stuck in. You are familiar with it. Yes, at times it makes you uncomfortable; but, you can even time the discomfort. Implementing means creating a whole new system.
  • You don’t know if you have the skills necessary for this implementation: that’s valid but if you have already written down the plan then you have what it takes to implementing it. You at least have an idea of the people and resources that you need to get started. Don’t discount yourself.
  • You don’t know what the first step looks like: You know what you want in the final outcome. It is see what the first step looks like that trips you up.


Implementation is the ONLY way to get a better life. Yes, anything that you want takes hard work. Your current situation has taken some work. Most people forget this part because it is routine. Think about it. Every current habit and routine that you know have was once new and you had to work at it for it to become normal. Therefore, you already implemented these plans. Why not a new one?

Don’t be afraid. If you are having trouble implementing and don’t know where to start, for a limited time, I have opened up my calendar to take 3 people per strategy session. I have four areas: productivity, branding, project management and time management. Right now they are all $97 apiece. That is a steal. Let me help you get unstuck and start implementing your way to a new life on your own terms. Reach out to me at


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