The Importance of Project Management Certification Mentoring As a PMP

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Professional certification is a big decision. It consumes time, effort and money. Weighing this decision should not be taken lightly because it can be life-changing. This is why I have always tried helping those who want to pursue project management certification.


Late last year, I came to realize after renewing my PMP certification for a second time, I was indeed a project management mentor. I went through this process two times and accumulated advanced amount of project management certification knowledge to serve as a mentor.

I have just learned this week Monday that someone I have provided Certified Scrum Master (CSM) exam resources, has passed her exam in less than 48 hours (Now granted, I provided her with the resources on Sunday and she passed on Monday. I counted her posting her question on Saturday.).

I am just happy that she has passed and we have another Certified Scrum Master in the group. I tell her to post her win in the Facebook group. Although she has mentioned me, I am okay with steering her in the right direction.

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