The New Year Starts Now!

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I know that we are still in December 2021 but the New Year starts now!


Why not? Why wait until January 1, 2022, to start New Year planning?!

Using December which is down time for most people is a great way to clear your mind and schedule to devote time towards Next Year.

And of course, I have my own 5 things that you can do RIGHT NOW to prepare for 2022. So let’s get into it.




5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Prepare for The New Year


  1. Take inventory of where you are

Be very honest about where you’re at right now in December 2021. If you are not where you want to be personally and/or professionally then say it. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.


  1. List all of your 2021 accomplishments

You have probably accomplished way more than you’ve remembered. Now is a great time to do this. Celebrate yourself for how far you’ve come this year.


  1. Write down what you dislike doing in 2021

We have done things that we hate doing. For me, having to do 100% everything. Now I am outsourcing some tasks to others which has freed up my time.


Are these things that be dropped and/or outsourced?

If they are then find a way to do this.


If you cannot immediately dropped them, are there ways to minimize your displeasure in doing them?

Find out ways to do just that.


  1. Write down what you would like doing in 2022

This is YOUR dream list! Here are the 3-5 big things that you really, really want to Next Year. Write down the deadlines for achieving them to make them more realistic.

Also write down what skills do you need to realize these goals.

This is very important because maybe you aren’t able to achieve your goal this year because you do not have the required skillset.

For me, being in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Community Builders Program and the Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Select Program have opened doors once closed to me. I can definitively say that I would not be booking tech engagements without AWS Community Builders. The same could be for you and your situation.


  1. Start your 2022 goals now

I know that this may sound scary everyone BUT getting started NOW in December would allow you to work out the kinks one month ahead of schedule. It is better to know that what you think is a good idea in December may not be one now versus January 2022.

This is just the beginning. If you need more help with goal setting everyone, buy my 7-step goal tracker help . It will take you step-by-step throughout the process.

If you need more help better managing your time, then buy tackle time management bundle. Remember time is the ONE thing we cannot make more of which is why I’ve created this bundle to save you more time everyone.

FYI – remember that you can still use the 50% promo code BLACKFRIDAY to save money on both items and my entire store.

Here’s to a Better Year Ahead!







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