The PMP Exam Is Changing In Less Than 90 Days

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Pass It Now in 2020!


Right now in less than 90 days there will be a new PMP exam. I am letting you know that you want to be PMP certified, take the PMP now. Do not wait until January 2, 2021. If you need help passing your PMP exam right now in 2020, get in touch with me at



The reason why I am dedicating an entire issue towards this PMP is because I have read on a project management board that the next PMP exam is more intuitive. The problem with that thinking is that right now you have all of the exam simulators and practice exams using the PMBOK 6th edition. Starting January 2, 2021, that will not be the case.

Delaying passing your PMP exam until 2021 is faulty thinking. First, passing the PMP exam now in 2020, means that you get to use it now. Also passing your PMP exam means that you can put it on your 2020 annual review. If you delay your PMP until January 2021 then you will have to wait until December 2021 to list this accomplishments on your annual review. I am typing this in October 2020. December 2021 is 14 months away. Think of all of the things that you can use your PMP with in the next 14 months everyone?


Below is the information for the current and future PMP exams proving my point. The current PMP exam has less reference material just the PMBOK 6th edition and the Project Management standard. The future PMP exam has the PMBOK 6th edition and several other agile textbooks.

Current PMP Exam –

Future 2021 PMP Exam –

FYI – If you need help passing your PMP exam, get in touch with me at

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