The Week Ahead : Writing, LinkedIn and Video Marketing

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Facebook and Instagram being down last Wednesday has left some residue on this week’s goals. I am now more focused on promoting my email list, online store and being on LinkedIn.



Right now I am focused on finishing my IGTV and spring cleaning books and my media kit. I am receiving a lot of attention on Instagram regarding my posts. Also my Alexa Internet global ranking score and Google Analytics are higher than ever. This media kit will prepare me for getting more brand partnerships.

Promoting My Online Store

I admit that I have let it languish but no more. I am developing new products and services which will be featured in this store. Check all of it out at

Building My Email List

Ironically I was sending an email to my list when Facebook and Instagram started going down. I did a Periscope about it yielding nearly 500 views about the importance of email and websites. I am now going to take my videos and convert them into email lead magnets. Sign up for Carla’s Correspondence here:


Focus on LinkedIn

As a business blogger, LinkedIn is my primary social media focus (It also helps that it doesn’t go down.). Since March 1st, I have experienced explosive growth. I also love the community engagement, LinkedIn groups and ability to answer people’s questions. Follow me on LinkedIn:

Focus on Video Marketing

I love video because it is the highest converting medium and it allows me to communicate with so many people. I am also happy that my support system shares my videos across their profiles all across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This past week I have had my Certified Scrum Master work series video receive over 100 views because of someone sharing my video!

Check all of my social media channels:






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