The Week in Review: IGTV, Alexa Score and Video Marketing

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This week has been one that is big with wins from Instagram TV (IGTV), and my work video series.

Ranking #1 is Several ITGV Hashtags

As you know, I have been all in for IGTV (Instagram TV) for a while and it has paid off with me scoring #1 in several hashtags (i.e. igtvexclusive and igtvcontent to name a few). I love creating and repurposing my vertical video onto IGTV because it provides me with another opportunity to connect with a new audience. I am grateful people are extremely receptive to my social media, personal branding and project management videos. I am all about helping as many people as I can.

And, speaking of helping people, for a limited time I have a $97 discounted beta IGTV strategy session to give you a solid executable plan.

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Increasing My IG Live and YouTube Live Presence

Thanks to I can simulcast on both Instagram Live (IG Live) and YouTube Live at the same time. This has increased my following but also my ability to connect with them. I love using livestream to keep my community current.


Video Marketing Pays Dividends

This week I have debuted an all-new work series showcasing my problem solving skills. These have resonated with many people.

  • A person with 30,000 LinkedIn followers reshared my video
  • A person has forwarded my IG video to someone at a coffee company IT department
  • Someone on Facebook has added me to his Facebook Messenger group and given me a remote project manager job contact.
  • Someone who follows me on Twitter has retweeted my video

My work series videos have gain traction on the four major social media proving that video has the highest conversion rate! Keeps Soaring Up The Alexa Internet Ranking

Video generates a lot of traffic to my site which is currently at 724,000. I am thankful for all of the interest. It proves the importance of staying within my three niches of social media, personal branding and project management.

Want the same results? Get in touch with me below:

Email: [email protected]


Here’s to a productive week everyone!


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