Third Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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I have just finished the third session ran by Abdul. He is the same person who has responded my Cloud IAM lab error (I am working my way through this. I will keep you posted.). I have completed the Essentials Google Cloud Infrastructure: Foundations learning path. My goal is to complete the current one while studying to pass the Cloud Digital Leader certification (Google Cloud’s fundamentals certification).

In this session, we cover Kubernetes, managed instance group and containers. In GCP talk it is Google Kubernetes Engine (Kubernetes) and Cloud Run for containers. Speaking of products, I am actively writing down my wrong practice exam answers to remember the vocabulary. I know AWS, Azure and Oracle. Now it is time to remember Google Cloud.


Our fourth training session will be March 1, 2022. I will be more than ready with the third (and fourth) learning paths completed and having passed my Cloud Digital Leader.

As I mentioned in my third exam prep session, I may pay out of pocket for the Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam. I will decide once I pass my Cloud Digital Leader. As a seasoned cloud professional with three different cloud vendor certifications, I don’t feel that I would need to complete all of the GCP Jumpstart material especially the timed Qwiklabs lab challenges in order to pass the Associate Cloud Engineer exam.


First GCP Jumpstart Session Recap –

Second GCP Jumpstart Session Recap –


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