Third Quarter 2022 Certification List Update

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Hey everybody! It is September 30, 2022 and the final day of the third quarter. My receiving my Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert beta results in July 2022 and ISC2 adding the certification to its CISSP approved credential list in September 2022 have made this my most productive quarter yet! And that’s not all so keep reading!


Passed My Microsoft Certified in Cybersecurity Architect Expert Beta Exam

Passing my Microsoft Certified in Cybersecurity Architect Expert was the epitome of this month because I waited over 2 months for my results (and another 10 days for the official badge!). Becoming a cybersecurity expert was one of my 2022 certification list goals. Now I would say that my original goal was to pass the Azure Solutions Architect Expert (which I did not pass in August 2022) would be the expert-level certification, however, when Microsoft said that the Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert, I could not pass it up. I passed it July 8, 2022 (June 30, 2022 is the official date.).

My receiving this certification means that I have dropped getting the SC-300 and SC-400 from the original list. Both of these exams are associate and prerequisites for the SC-100. The SC-100 is the expert-level certification.

Renewed my AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate Certification

This September 25, 2022 I renewed my AZ-700 certification. It was hard but I managed to do it. Furthermore, this renewal process prepared me ahead of my SC-200 Security Operations Analyst and AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate renewals in October 2022. The AZ-700 renewal assessment also reaffirmed that I did not need to take the SC-300 exam because the IAM Administrator Associate was easier than the SC-200 exam when I had 6 months to renew my certification.

ISC2 Adds Microsoft Certified in Cybersecurity Architect To Its CISSP Approved Credential List

As I was studying to pass the Certified in Cybersecurity, I checked the CISSP approved list. I noticed that it only listed the Microsoft Certified Enterprise Expert certification. Checking this exam, I learned that both the Enterprise and Cybersecurity Architect were 1) expert examinations and 2) had SC-300 and MS-500 as prerequisites.

Furthermore, the Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert 1) had the word cybersecurity in its title and 2) security architect was one of the CISSP target audiences. I petitioned the ISC2 for a waiver. The ISC2 came back and added the Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect to its CISSP approved list

I felt all accomplished like some civil rights person. Total black excellence! But this addition also helped so many others who have this certification knock off 1 year of the CISSP 5-year work experience requirement.

Passed My Certified in Cybersecurity Exam

Today I passed my ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity exam . This is my first ISC2 certification. I wrote about it in this post. I recommended additional resources outside of the ones provided by ISC2 in order to pass.

What’s Next?

Finishing 2022 with the AWS Solutions Architect Professional, renewing my SC-200 Security Operations Analyst, AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate and Oracle Cloud Foundations Associate certifications and get my Google Cloud Digital Cloud Leader and Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certifications. I may also pass the CISSP but I will have to come up with that $899. I will keep you posted.

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