Thirteen Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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This installment has been delayed because I have been busy with Google Cloud and other cloud programs (Hey, this is a great thing because that means that companies are seeing my actively apply my knowledge that I have received from these training programs!). However, I am back and here is the brand-new GCP Jumpstart recap session.



Last Friday was the final career development series. There were two 1-hour series apiece. Full disclosure: I missed the first one due to another cloud interview. However, I did catch the tail end of the first session and the entire second session.


Another thing that I have learned is that there is another GCP Jumpstart Program for the Professional Cloud Architect (PCA) certification. PCA is a level above Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) certification. That means that you should have at least an associates cloud certification and experience before applying for the PCA program. I may check this one out after completing the ACE modules and getting both my Cloud Digital Leader and Associate Cloud Engineer certifications.

The GCP staff has sent us the mentoring application link. The June session would start today. Obtaining all of these different programs that unavailable to non-participants is another reason why you should apply to get into these types of programs. You will have better network having actually met GCP employees. Although I have not received a meeting link yet, when I do, then I will continue my GCP Jumpstart series with this mentoring program.



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