Thirty-First Google Cloud Jumpstart Session: Recap New Year

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I know that I am late with this entry. My mentoring meeting was Friday, January 6, 2023 (My mentor was traveling January 2, 2023 so she rescheduled). I will break this down into the good, the bad and the ugly.


The Good

I am very happy to have received my GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification in October 2022 and been productive applying for Google Cloud-related jobs. GCP is the #3 public cloud in the US. Having this on my resume qualifies me for so many more jobs.

I also like my mentor because she has gotten me two important informational interviews. When you see what the actual cloud engineer does then how you read job requirements and seek certifications change.

I am also happy to have learned about objectives and key results (OKR) because I am seeing it more often and now know what it means.

The Bad

The learning materials are drying up. GCP has monetized (put a subscription) on Cloud Skills Boost so that the same things that were free in January 2022 now costs money. That hinders GCP cloud adoption. It is happening across the board.

The Google layoffs. My mentor could not get in touch with the program manager. We hope that she is still working there at Google. These layoffs shift people and/or fire them from the company. Remember, the layoff numbers are people not just statistics.

The Ugly

I am laying off Google and this was before the even bigger layoff news coming in a future GCP Jumpstart recap. The interviewing process has nothing to do with the actual job. I have been shifting my job search back to Azure and AWS because I know exactly what they’ll ask me during the interview.

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