Thirty-Second Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: One Year Anniversary

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January 18, 2023 is my one-year anniversary of being in the Google Cloud Jumpstart Associate Cloud Engineer Program. It has been an eventful year for my GCP cloud journey.


I will admit that I have not completed the entire Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) Cloud Skills Boost learning track to receive the free exam voucher. Part of the reason is because I have learned that I may not need the ACE for what I want to do with Google Cloud.

What I will say is that my tenure in this program has made me a much better cloud professional. I am thankful to GCP for its career development program. I have learned what a partner engineer is; the exact definition of a cloud engineer, technical account manager and site reliability engineer. Google is based in search so it has the best definitions of all cloud providers.

Finally, I am very happy to have registered for the GCP mentoring. I have been in this program for 7 months and I have grown professionally from it. I am very happy to have received two informational interviews helping clarify Terraform use cases and what a cloud architect does. These interviews help me craft a better cloud resume and examine which cloud certification I pursue.


Would I Recommend The GCP Jumpstart Program?


Absolutely! I would recommend it in a heartbeat because GCP lets you interact with actual professionals and mentors. I am better at reading cloud job descriptions and building my resume having participated in this program.


Any Recommendations I Would Make For the GCP Jumpstart Program?


Yes. I would expand it to include the Professional Cloud Architect track . PCA has taken off a whole lot in this past year. Furthermore, ACE is the associate level. There needs to be a professional level GCP Jumpstart Program.

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