This Week In AWS Community: 2022 Year Ahead Thoughts

This is the final day of 2021. As with last week, I did the 2021 year end thoughts, in this post blog I am looking ahead to the future in 2022 (which is really tomorrow but hey!).


I Am Passing My AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification

I mean that is why I am in this program duh?! I have that free exam voucher and will be getting that AWS certification. This means success to my for this round. Furthermore, I am already an Azure AI Engineer so this would be my second AI/ML (machine learning) certification if I don’t pass the Oracle Cloud autonomous database certification using that free promotion.


I Am Passing My AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification

Many of you reading my blog know that I was in Ohio Means Jobs Cuyahoga County and obtained my two AWS certifications through this workforce development program. The Certified Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate certifications allowed me to get accepted into AWS Community Builders.

In 2022, I will pass my AWS Solutions Architect Professional. For one, I will have 3 years’ AWS cloud experience. Two next year, I expect to have passed my AZ-305 Azure Architect Expert certification. This gives me experience into what I should expect on the Solutions Architect Professional certification.


I Am Contemplating Reapplying For AWS Community Builder Year 2

I’ve always said that I would evaluate whether or not I should reapply for a second year. I am seeing some of my friends get accepted into year two. I will ask them about their experiences before reapplying. What I will do is maximize my opportunities this year. I do feel that getting my AWS machine learning specialty certification would qualify me for a second year. However, I do feel like passing my Solutions Architect Professional certification makes me a shoo-in if I decide to reapply.


I Am Landing an AWS Technical Trainer Job

I have been teaching and helping professionals pass their AWS, Azure and Oracle cloud certifications for over 1 year now. Also I have just passed my Certified Tech Trainer exam this month. This puts me on a pathway towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

I do feel like I will have the skills and teaching experience to become an AWS technical trainer if I do not land another cloud-related job before then.

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